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Chair Forward Bend

Chair posture that relieves tension in your head, neck and shoulders.

You can perform Chair Forward Bend to relieve tension in your head, neck and shoulders. You may also find this pose soothes your nervous system and encourages your mind to let go of stress.
Bending forward in this pose stretches the back of your body and stimulates your abdominal area, which helps to improve digestion. If you are feeling tired or ill, bending forward in this way is helpful for rejuvenating your body. This pose is also useful if you have been sitting in a chair all day at work.
As you bend forward, you should focus on keeping your spine lengthened and lowering your abdomen and chest, rather than your forehead. As you hold the pose, try to release your body further into the pose with each exhalation.
If you find this pose strains your shoulders, you can rest your arms by your sides as you bend forward. You should use caution performing Chair Forward Bend if you have high blood pressure or a headache.
Begin in Seated Mountain Pose.
Inhale as you raise your arms above your head and lengthen your spine. Your palms should be shoulder width apart and facing each other.
(Your shoulders should be relaxed down and back.)
Exhale as you bend forward from your hips and stretch your hands forward.
(Your upper arms should be beside your ears.)
Drop your pelvis forward and down to further lengthen your spine.
(Keep your head, neck and spine in a straight line.)
Relax your neck and shoulders, allowing your head and arms to hang toward the floor.
Hold the pose for 5 seconds to 1 minute, breathing through your entire body and releasing further into the pose with each exhalation.
Come out of the Pose:
Bring your upper arms beside your ears.
Press your feet into the floor and your sitting bones into the seat of the chair.
Inhale and come up to a sitting position, keeping your back flat.
Exhale and bring your arms down to your sides.
How can I modify the pose if I have high blood pressure or a headache?
You can perform a modification that keeps your head above your heart. Perform the pose as described in the steps above, except position your chair close to a table. As you bend forward, rest your forearms on the table. Place each palm on the opposite elbow and rest your head on your forearms. As you exhale, drop your pelvis forward to lengthen your spine and relax your shoulders and arms.
What should I do with my hands in this pose?
You should place your hands in a position that feels comfortable. If your hands reach the floor, you can rest your palms or the back of your hands on the floor. If you rest the back of your hands on the floor, you can place your toes and the balls of your feet on your palms, with your fingers pointing toward your heels, to massage your feet.
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