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Chair Hip Stretch

Chair posture that opens and stretches your hips.

You can perform Chair Hip Stretch to open and stretch your hips. You may find this stretch beneficial after you have been sitting in a chair all day long.
If you have difficulty sitting on the floor, you can practice Chair Hip Stretch to develop the flexibility your hips require to perform seated poses, such as Half Lotus Pose. You can also perform Chair Hip Stretch as an alternative to Bound Angle Pose if you find it difficult to sit on the floor.
While performing this pose, make sure you do not use too much force to press your knee down. You should feel a comfortable stretch in your hip and should not feel any strain.
You should use caution performing Chair Hip Stretch if you have problems with your hips or knees.
Begin in Seated Mountain Pose.
Place your right ankle on top of your left knee.
Rest your right hand on your right leg, just above your right knee.
Exhale as you gently press your right knee toward the floor.
Inhale as you release the press on your knee.
Press and release your knee three times and then return to Seated Mountain Pose.
Repeat steps 2 to 6 for your other side.
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