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Easy Pose (sukhasana)

Seated posture for meditation and practicing breathing exercises.

Easy Pose (or sukhasana) is a calming pose that is useful for meditation and practicing breathing exercises. This pose also helps to promote proper seated posture.
Each time you perform Easy Pose, you should alternate which leg you place on top. While performing the pose, allow the crown of your head to lift up as your spine elongates and press your sitting bones down into the floor. You should focus on keeping your spine straight in this pose.
While performing Easy Pose, focus on moving your breath through your body. You may find closing your eyes helps you relax into the pose. You can hold the pose for as long as you need to calm your mind.
If your hips are stiff or your knees are strained, try sitting on thickly folded blankets. Sitting on blankets can also help prevent you from rounding your lower back or raising your knees up higher than your pelvis. Even with this modification, use caution performing Easy Pose if you have problems with your knees or hips.
Begin in Staff Pose.
Bend your knees and cross your legs in front of you.
Draw your feet toward your buttocks as far as is comfortable for you.
Place your hands on your knees with your palms facing up.
Relax your shoulders down and back, and lift and expand your chest.
Press your sitting bones toward the floor and lengthen your spine.
Point the crown of your head toward the ceiling and gaze straight ahead.
Hold the pose for 1 to 10 minutes. Then return to Staff Pose.
(After performing Easy Pose, you should shake out your legs to help relieve your knees and ankles.)
If your hips are stiff or if you have discomfort in your knees, you can perform Easy Pose sitting on the edge of two or three thickly folded blankets. This allows your knees to drop so you can sit straight more easily.
How can I support my back while performing Easy Pose?
To provide support for your back in this pose, perform the pose sitting with your back lightly touching a wall. The wall can act as a guideline for your spine to help prevent you from rounding your lower back and shoulders.
What should I do if my feet are sore in Easy Pose?
If your feet are sore, you can place a folded towel or blanket under your feet. This can help relieve pressure on your feet.
Is there another variation of Easy Pose?
Yes. You can perform Easy Pose without crossing your legs. Instead, bend one knee so the outside of your leg is resting on the floor. Then draw your foot toward your buttock as far as is comfortable for you. Bend your other knee and rest the outside of your leg on the floor so your heel is just in front of the shin of your other leg.
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