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Prayer Pose (namaste)

Warm-up posture for a variety of different standing or seated poses.

Prayer Pose (or namaste) is a basic arm position you can perform to create variety in many different standing or seated poses. This pose can help to increase the flexibility of your wrists.
While performing Prayer Pose, lift your chest as you roll your shoulders back and relax your shoulders and elbows down. Make sure you keep the pressure between your palms gentle and soft.
You can also perform Reverse Prayer Pose, which is very similar to Prayer Pose, except you position your hands behind your back. This pose stretches your shoulders and elbows, in addition to increasing the flexibility of your arms, wrists, hands and fingers.
In Reverse Prayer Pose, your hands should ideally be positioned between your shoulder blades, but only move your hands up as far as is comfortable for you. If you find this position too difficult, you can hold your elbows behind your back instead.
Use caution performing Prayer Pose or Reverse Prayer Pose if you have shoulder, arm or elbow problems.
Begin in Mountain Pose.
Bend your elbows and bring your palms together in front of the center of your chest.
(Your elbows should be lower than your wrists and your fingers should be pointing toward the ceiling.)
Lift your chest toward your thumbs as you relax your shoulders down.
Reverse Prayer Pose
Begin in Mountain Pose.
Move your arms behind your back and bring your fingertips together, with your fingers pointing toward the floor.
Turn your hands inward until your fingers are pointing toward the ceiling.
Press your palms together and slowly move your hands up your back as far as is comfortable for you.
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