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Side Cat Stretch

Table posture that stretches the sides of your body.

Side Cat Stretch is a good warm-up pose that stretches the sides of your body and opens your rib cage. If you have a back or hip problem that prevents you from sitting comfortably on the floor, you may want to use this pose as an alternative to seated poses that stretch the sides of your body.
While performing Side Cat Stretch, you should feel one side of your body lengthen as the other side squeezes. On the lengthened side of your body, focus on feeling the stretch in your waist, hip, shoulder and neck.
As you move your body in this pose, remember to keep your hips over your knees and to move your hips from side to side, not forward and backward. Also, make sure your head follows the movement of your body rather than leading the movement.
Use caution performing this pose if you have wrist problems, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or a knee injury.
Begin in Table Pose.
(Your back should be flat and your head should be in line with your spine.)
Move your right shoulder and right hip toward each other.
(Your body should create a C shape.)
Turn your head to look over your right shoulder toward your hip.
Hold the pose for 5 to 30 seconds and then return to Table Pose.
Repeat for your other side.
Repeat steps 2 to 5 six times.
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